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Building a Support System: How to Find Community in Recovery

Addiction can be very isolating. Even after a person finally quits drugs and alcohol, they may still feel extremely lonely as they try to navigate the challenges of a sober life. To mitigate these feelings, you must build solid support systems in recovery. You want to maintain your long-term sobriety, so keep reading to learn more about building a support system.

The Importance of Support Systems in Recovery

The process of sourcing and using drugs takes up a significant portion of the average addict’s time. On top of that, when an addict does not have access to drugs, they spend much of their mental energy thinking about their next fix. Consequently, people who struggle with addiction tend to have much more time and mental energy when they begin recovery. While this may seem like a good thing, a person may occupy themselves with self-destructive thoughts and behaviors if they lack adequate support in recovery.

What a Healthy Support System Is

Not all support systems are optimal for recovering addicts. For example, toxic friend groups, fellow drug abusers, sketchy people, unkind family members, and other bad influences can derail a recovering addict’s progress. To build a positive support system, recovering addicts must surround themselves with kind, healthy people who do not use drugs or engage in risky behaviors. Any club, home environment, activity, or social group that involves negative people, addictive substances, or risky activities will make an addict more likely to relapse.

How To Find Support in Recovery

Join a Fitness Community

Substance abuse takes a significant toll on the body. A good fitness routine will help you physically recover from years of drug abuse and relieve stress in a healthy way. Fitness classes are a great way to make lifelong friends and meet health-conscious people. With that in mind, consider signing up for martial arts classes, tennis lessons, a yoga group, a running club, or any other fitness group to expand your support network.

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Attend Addiction Support Groups

In an addiction support group, you can share your experiences and connect with people dealing with similar life struggles. There are support groups for almost any kind of substance in most areas. If you’re uncomfortable with the religious aspect of a 12-step program, you will likely be able to find a more secular support group in your area. Support groups help keep members accountable to each other and themselves, and they’re a vital resource for anyone who wants to stay sober.

Talk to Your Therapist About Building a Support System

Any therapist in your area specializing in addiction has worked with many patients in similar situations to yours. They know about all your area’s best support groups and addiction resources. On top of that, your therapist knows you well enough to recommend positive local groups, clubs, and programs that would interest you.


All kinds of organizations around the world need help. Serving food at a soup kitchen, running a community garden, and helping the local fire department are all productive uses of your time and energy. You will feel good about yourself after helping others and meet plenty of friendly and interesting people when you put yourself out there.

Mend Broken Relationships

While you were still using drugs or alcohol, you may have done things to alienate close friends and family members. You can be a better friend and family member now that you’re sober, so consider reaching out to repair broken relationships. It takes a lot of time and effort to heal old wounds, so you can’t expect to rekindle a friendship in one day. If someone doesn’t want to reconnect for whatever reason, then you must respect their choice.

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Build a Support System for Your Long-Term Sobriety

Your time abusing drugs was a dark chapter in your life, but you’re past that now. A solid support system will help you resist everyday temptations and enjoy a happier, healthier life. Call Mind Body Wellness today to learn more about positive support systems in your area.