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Psychiatrists in Franklin, TN

Psychiatry is a core part of our personalized mental health and substance abuse treatment plans. We are licensed psychiatrists in Franklin, TN.

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Convenient and Affordable Psychiatrists in Franklin

We work with those struggling with mental health or addiction issues in-person from our offices in the Nashville and Knoxville areas. Our team of psychiatrists, counselors and addiction professionals also help those outside of Nashville and Knoxville via telehealth appointments.. Our combination of available in-person and virtual psychiatrist appointments means we help those all over Tennessee as licensed psychiatrists in the state of Tennesee.

Mind Body Wellness is a cutting-edge outpatient facility and a dedicated mental health therapist office, catering to individuals in the Nashville area, specifically serving the communities of Franklin and Knoxville. August 2023 marked a significant milestone for us as we introduced our Knoxville office, extending our services as a reputable psychiatry practice and a compassionate mental health therapy office, welcoming individuals from Knoxville and beyond. We're excited to be a part of the Knoxville mental health and addiction treatment community.

Psychiatrists Accepting New Patients in Franklin

Located in the heart of the Nashville suburbs and Knoxville, our offices are dedicated to serving the public with in-person psychiatric services, making mental health care more accessible to all.
If you are in Franklin and wish to see a psychiatrist in Franklin via a remote telehealth appointment, both of our locations offer access via telehealth to a Franklin psychiatrist. This allows you to use our licensed psychiatrist services in Franklin from the convenience of your home or office through virtual appointments. Making time in your schedule for appointments is easy when all you need is somewhere private or quiet to access our telehealth psychiatrist platform for your appointment from Franklin with your phone, tablet or laptop.

Our expertise as psychiatrists is vital in tailoring individualized mental health and substance abuse treatment plans, placing the unique needs of our patients in Franklin first. The foundation of our practice lies in evidence-based therapies, harmoniously combining psychiatric treatment methods, including behavioral techniques, therapeutic modalities, and pharmaceutical interventions, to deliver effective and holistic care.

Psychiatrist Services in Franklin, TN

Mind Body Wellness provides compassionate care to individuals who are dealing with mental health disorders, addiction, or both. Our qualified team is committed to helping you maintain a successful recovery by creating tailored treatment plans and providing ongoing support and care.

What Our Franklin Psychiatrists Treat

The addiction treatment professionals, therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists at our mental health therapy office, Mind Body Wellness, specialize in the treatment of a wide range of mental health issues and addictions.