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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

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TMS, which is the abbreviation for transcranial magnetic stimulation, is an available therapy at Mind Body Wellness to address those experiencing treatment-resistant depression. This is mostly used for treatment-resistant depression, although studies have shown that it’s also an effective treatment for those with anxiety disorders. TMS helps stimulate areas of the brain that are not functioning at the rate they need to be to prevent symptoms of depression.

Usually, TMS treatments target the prefrontal cortex. This area of the brain is responsible for impulse control and managing emotions. The magnetic waves TMS therapy produces penetrate this and other areas of the brain to help promote the stimulation of neurons that can carry messages across different parts of the brain. In short, this helps reduce symptoms related to depression, such as apathy, hopelessness, and pervasive sadness. Lastly, this allows individuals to experience life fully instead of depression holding them back.

Woman beginning TMS Therapy in Franklin TN

How Does TMS Work?

TMS therapy involves using an FDA-approved coil that sends magnetic waves to specific brain areas. The process is straightforward, as the specialist puts the coil on the patient’s head (usually the forehead), securing it with a cap. Next, the trained specialist will then begin sending magnetic waves through the coil to the brain. Over a number of sessions, clients will begin to notice a reduction in their symptoms. 

In some instances, clients experience a “TMS dip” after one or two sessions of TMS therapy. To explain, the problematic symptoms they were once experiencing re-emerge and create further distress during a TMS dip. The pathways within the client’s brain are rewired during this procedure, hence the reason for dips that occur during TMS therapy. Unfortunately, it takes time for this rewiring to be effective, and there can be bumps along the way. This sensation can be extremely discouraging; fortunately, experiencing a TMS dip is normal and short-term. Despite this, clients should continue on with their treatments even if they develop a dip since the best way to see desired results is to continue with treatments.

At Mind Body Wellness, we strongly encourage clients to remain with the specialized program best for them, producing the greatest benefits. Fortunately, we can provide the needed support and encouragement for the client to continue TMS therapy.

Benefits of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy

Major studies have deduced that TMS therapy is one of the most effective treatments for depressive disorders. Not only does it help reduce symptoms of depression, but there are several additional benefits of this kind of therapy. At Mind Body Wellness, our patients get to experience the following benefits of TMS therapy.

Our TMS Therapy is Non-Invasive

TMS therapy is non-invasive. This means the entire procedure doesn’t require surgical procedures or other invasive techniques. During each session, the specialist places a coil on the patient’s head while magnetic waves pulse through it and into targeted areas of the brain. Because of this, clients do not need to undergo any form of surgery or take any specific kinds of medications before, during, or after the procedure. Clients can bring themselves to and from their appointments because the procedure does not impact their daily lives.

Our TMS Therapy is Not Painful

Despite some misinformation, TMS therapy is not painful by any means. It can be easy to think that a procedure such as this can be painful given the details of it, but it is anything but. Clients cannot feel the waves entering the brain, nor do they develop any major side effects from the procedure. Many compare TMS therapy to that getting an x-ray. Despite being able to work inside of the body from the outside, no pain is involved. The only minor side effects that clients may experience are a short-term headache or a tingling sensation in their jaw.

TMS Therapy is Safe

The traditional method of treating depression combines medications and evidence-based therapies. Most people respond well to this combination and do not experience any significant side effects. However, medications like antidepressants can create side effects for some. For example, antidepressants are linked to weight gain, insomnia, headaches, and low libido. So while they may work effectively, they can also create a set of issues that make other aspects of life more difficult and distressing. Mind Body Wellness utilizes TMS therapy to help treat depression without using antidepressants that can create further physical and mental health concerns.

Is TMS Right For You?

TMS therapy may be right for you if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • No response to traditional therapy/medication for depression
  • Small improvements from traditional treatment with major relapses that follow
  • Minimal response to traditional depression treatment 

As a result of these symptoms, you may be experiencing more severe symptoms of depression. You can most important to reach out to your mental health provider to learn more about additional options for treating depression, including TMS therapy.

Begin TMS Therapy Today

TMS therapy can help those who are experiencing the most pervasive hopelessness related to depression. If you or someone you love is struggling with symptoms of depression and traditional treatment is not working, reach out to our Mind Body Wellness team right now. We can help. Learn about our admissions process and begin the insurance verification there.